Little Lighthouse Library is a community library. housed inside Hicks Chapel Church. It is a reminder of the bigger Lighthouse Library in Dexter which was open from 2009 until 2019. When it closed, the littler version of the library began in rural Dexter. The Mobile Library takes books to people through Mobile Workshops which include a Make-and-take simple craft. Free books are given away at the end of each workshop.  The little library has a lighthouse reading area for kids.  It's a fun place to read, do group projects, research, study groups, and many other things. There is a 25 foot working lighthouse on the old site outside at 107 S. Main in Dexter - relic of the bigger library. Guests can still visit the lighthouse which is in the center courtyard there. The smaller 12 foot reading circle lighthouse at ECCRC's site inside Hicks Chapel Church is still fun for kids and adults alike. There is a small saltwater aquarium in the library. The huge saltwater aquarium was left at the site in town. 

The Little Lighthouse Library  is a very fun and safe place. Summer reading programs are offered each summer with sponsors that include SKT and ECCRC. 

Background photo shows GE volunteers donating food for the food bank. Each year ECCRC provides holiday food boxes for families and a food bank throughout the year. Commodities are also distributed by ECCRC.