Lighthouse Library is a full-service  community library.  It has an ocean theme. It's a fun place to read, do group projects, research, study groups, and many other things. There is a 25 foot working lighthouse on the site outside and a reading circle lighthouse inside the building that is 12 feet tall. How fun for kids and adults alike. There is a huge saltwater aquarium in the library.

There are many Friday activities for kids. Lighthouse Library is the perfect site for your school field trip, to supplement your home school program, or simply to come and check out a good book.

There is a full computer lab with 10 computers upstairs and several downstairs. The children's section is equipped with computers, I-Pads, Wii, and many other electronic tools. There is a TV on the site to keep you updated on the news and weather in the area. There are music stations with music and headgear for your listening pleasure.

Coffee and cocoa bar along with a refrigerator stocked with water, pop, and tea. Snacks in the Treasure Chest Store on the site.  This is a very fun and safe place.

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Our Instructors

Many Learning Center teachers are licensed to teach by the state. All have experience and skills to help meet your educational needs. Also helpful library staff on site!

 23,000 Books & Videos

Computer Lab

Workshops & Events

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Free Wi-Fi 

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 High School Completion Program- Homeschool Resources  & Diploma Program

  • Full GED Prep Program
  • GED Pre-Tests
  • Also State Test Prep for College