We started our gardening program with the kids in Dexter through gardening workshops. Next the kids worked to build above-ground garden plots beside the ECCRC center in town. They planted flowers and vegetables each year. Next, the program expanded to a full Farmers Market by registering with the State of Kansas. ECCRC purchased a site for the program at 103 N Main in Dexter. In 2016 the program applied for a grant and obtained the Mantis Tiller grant. They donated seeds and a small tiller. In 2017, vendors were signed up for the market and we gave it a try. In 2018, there were 12 regular vendors with half of those being teen vendors. In 2019, we experiences major area flooding. It was difficult to provide fresh produce that year. Instead, we had craft booths, clothing, and baked goods. In 2020, the 103 site had a new roof put on the building at the site and also a new back wall and door. The building will be available for rainy days when the market can't be held outside. A pumpkin patch is planted at the 103 N Main site each year. The market in town is held on Friday mornings starting the first Friday in June and runs through school starting. Special Saturday markets are held as announced at the Hicks Chapel site on 282nd Rd., in rural Dexter. Booth Space is free for Vendors. To register, email ECCRC at eccresourcecenter@yahoo.com  

Dexter Community Gardens

and Farmers Market